“A Complete History of the Tower of Esher – A William Wayneflete Landmark” is the first book to be solely devoted to Wayneflete Tower and its impressive catalogue of residents. It encompasses more than five hundred years of English history, and touches upon the social and political trends that had a direct bearing on its architectural development. The story is embellished with memorable anecdotes,and is woven with biographical portraits of a succession of historic English figureheads, wealthy, fashionable and charismatic owners and visitors. The final chapter is dedicated to the archaeological findings of the Time Team’s September 2005 dig, which set out to determine the footprint of Wayneflete’s Palace, as well as Surrey Archaelogical Society’s 2007 excavation. The book incorporates a superb collection of illustrations, some of which have not been printed before; these alone merit publication, but combined with the text, beautifully set the scene in celebration of this national landmark.

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